"The Avant-Garde of hip hop"

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"The Avant-Garde of hip hop"

I just saw where Eric Hardiman had written the following regarding something on Mo' Wax.

Greetings Saturnites and a happy '96 to all! Since discussion is light around here now, I wanted to bring up an interesting tidbit I recently found. In listening to a British compilation CD from the Mo'Wax label, i found a track by a band called U.N.K.L.E. that is based entirely around a Sun Ra sample. They've sampled the meaty bass line from one of the tracks on Lanquidity (Twin Stars of Therise if remember correctly). When I heard it first I did a double take because I knew that bassline. The label mo'Wax specializes in "Trip-Hop" music influenced heavily by jazz, dub reggae, and a million other genres. At any rate, it was the first time I've heard Sun Ra sampled. I'm sure it's happened before. Does anyone know of other songs that use Ra samples?


I love that Mo' Wax stuff. The individuals who run the label and record the music are by all accounts quite into and influenced by (and, as in this case, apparently fueled by) the music of Sun Ra. Eric, I'm wondering, is the track "The Time Has Come", and was the compilation "Headz"? (Feel free to drop me a private e-mail). I've never heard "Lanquidity". I have heard "Headz" quite a bit though - I think it's one of the most interesting things to come out in years. I would imagine that anyone appreciative of the dark textures used by Sun Ra who also appreciates or has any interest in modern music and hip-hop would greatly dig this also. I give it my highest recommendation and urge buying it at any reasonable price. (Be sure to get the 18-track 2-CD/3-LP version though, not the abbreviated 10-track Japanese CD).

Sun Ra is listed under the "Thanks" sections on at least a couple of Mo' Wax things that I have. And a Mo' Wax discography of 12" singles notes this about release #28 on the label :

MW 028

U.N.K.L.E.- "The Time Has Come E.P."

Disc 1 A1: "If You Find Earth Boring" - U.N.K.L.E. Mix

Disc 1 B1: Portishead Plays U.N.K.L.E. Mix

Disc 2 A1: Howie B. vs U.N.K.L.E.

Disc 2 A2: "Coffeehouse Conversation" - Plaid Mix

Disc 2 B1: "Sassafras" - Plaid Mix

Liner notes: "A tribute to Sun-Ra and all things fucked up" Note: this EP released in two formats, a regular black vinyl version and also a double picture disc, featuring the images from the front cover, done by

graffitti artist Futura 2000. The picture disc was pretty limited.

I don't know of any Ra samples elsewhere, but on "Headz" I noticed Bennie Maupin from "Bitches Brew" sampled on the "M.F. Outa'National" track, and the (dub) bass in the opening track "Freedom" sounds like it might come from "A Love Supreme" (though I haven't attempted to match it up for sure). Also the track "Yeah" on the somewhat interesting Mo' Wax LP "Strictly Turntabilarized" by DJ Krush is built up in part from a sample of "Spanish Key" from "Bitches Brew".