Wyonnie Harris CD w/ Ra

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Greg Drusdow
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Wyonnie Harris CD w/ Ra

I just got the Wynonie Harris 1945-1947 CD, Classics 1013, that was mentioned in a February 25 message on the list by OLDSCHREC@AOL.COM. For=

those who are interested, Sun Ra is on 4 tracks with Wynonie (Mr. Blues) Harris on vocals accompanied by Jackie Allen ? t-as, Sun Ra on piano and others unknown. Recorded in Nashville March/April 1946 and the tracks ar= e as follows:

Dig This Boogie Bullet 251 2:27 Lightnin' Stuck The Poor House Bullet 251 2:38 My Baby's Barrel House Bullet 252 2:46 Drinkin' By Myself Bullet 252 2:35

Sun Ra can be heard most prominently on Dig This Boogie as he gives a tas= te of his boogie woogie piano style before he took off for outer space. He = is on the other tracks, but much more in the background.

The liner notes written by Anatol Schenker in May 1998 say about these fo= ur tracks:

"Wynonie's next session has puzzled discographers for a long time: these four tracks, made for the fledgling Bullet label, seem to have been recorded in Nashville with a pick-up band. This particularly abrasive, pungent music is noteworthy if only for the fact that this was the first time Herman "Sonny" Blount set foot in a recording studio! Better known = as Sun Ra, Blount is extensively featured on the wild "Dig This Boogie" but = is also in evidence on the other tracks."

I found this in a Tower Records store in the Blues section under Harris. =

For those looking for the Outer Space Employment Agency CD (Total Energy 3021), that same Tower store told me that it had come in and already sold=

out at that store, but is available through special order with Tower.

Greg Drusdow