A call for assistance?

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#1 Wed, 1998-08-05 08:08
Scott Hreha
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A call for assistance?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if any Saturnites with extensive record collections can help me out with something -- I'm working on a research project this summer that deals with the musical references in Nathaniel Mackey's novel Bedouin Hornbook, and I'm missing three pieces (out of more than 40!) that I would really like to hear. (I should mention at this point that he does refer to Sun Ra, but anyone really interested should read the book -- you won't be disappointed) Anyway, the missing pieces are:

"Vai Meu Samba" by Jair Rodrigues (A Brazilian samba singer from the 50s or 60s, as far as I can tell)

"Lost Someone" from Prince Lasha/Sonny Simmons' (recently-discussed here) The Cry!

"Anta Oumri" by Lole Montoya (all I know about this one is that it's a song done in Egyptian style by a Spanish singer)

If anyone has any of these recordings and is willing to copy them for me (with proper reimbursement), or knows of anything in-print that has these tracks, please contact me off-list at:

holt0108@tc.umn.edu (the first is a lower-case L, the second is the number one, just to avoid confusion)

Thanks! Scott