Ye Ha- What a list

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Steve Glabman
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Ye Ha- What a list

"Dreams Come True" yes they do, but wow, what a spill. Here is Chicago there is a Peace Musuem, and a holographic museum and these are cool place to go and bring people from out of town when they visit, It makes the place unique. As my idea for a Ra musuem (which i am sure others have dreamed as well) It would be much better as a seperate entity, a space place. I thought Chicago would be a good place for this, as it is where the Arkestra started, it is where all the seeds of so much change happened. it is centrally located in the country, it is big enough city to sustain such an off beat adventure, it would be great to be interactive, to be able to hear some of those strange keyboards sun ra used throughout his career. it has to be a place where there can be noise and of course the corridors of otherness, walls and walls of photos and posters and flyers and a place for costume, set design, films and other strange lighting, I don't like all the arguing and stuff, it seems to have taken on Beatlesque proportions. "Space is the Place and your life is worthwhile".

Note to margaret: You do not need Joe or anyone else to tell you how many are on the saturn list: If you check your monthly administration message from chris trent there is a section just like the archives that you can get a complete list of the saturn list. it is easy to do and takes a second.

shout out to walter, hey! Len what's is up with you??????

Charlie K. If you run into george curran tell me i say hi and he can email me if he chooses.

Peace man.

P.S. I am in an art show right now at the taller mestizarte gallery 1440 west 18th street in chicago, runs till november 18th and is sponsored by ART AGAINST THE NIGHTSTICK an activist group watching out and making aware of police brutality.

Also i have work at the Independence branch library for children at 3548 west irving park road in chicago till dec 2nd. Steve in Space Visual Arts & Poetry at: