Unlisted Ra tapes

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Chris Carville
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Unlisted Ra tapes

Ben - =

I have copies of: Kiel Dec 5, 1986 (audience) on 2cd... It's listed as=

being in circulation , but no setlist . Coach House - San Juan Capistrano , CA 9/23/86 (soundboard) on 2cd not listed

I have found some other additions to the discography (missing tunes , incorrect timings etc...) which I will forward to the authors. I was amazed at the number of additions to the 2nd edition of the Earthl= y Recordings...and I bet there are still many more out there. Chris


By now, most of us have happily plowed through the new edition of Earthly=

Recordings many times. I'm interested to know if anyone knows of recordin= gs not listed in the new edition. I am aware of the following:

7/80 Montreux 90 minutes 5/2/81 New Orleans jazz and Heritage Festival, 45 mins 5/3/81 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, 45 mins 12/17/81 Balloon Theater, Cairo, 90 mins 6/23/82 Manneheim, Germany 179 minutes 11/24/83, All Stars (with Ra, Shepp, Cherry, Richard Davis et al), Berlin=

90 mins 7/28/84 Antwerp, 90 mins. 9/13/87, Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, 60 mins (?) 5/4/89, Southern University of New Orleans, 65 minutes Late 1980s, Fort Lauderdale, FL (time??) 5/5/90, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA 63 minutes first set, 55 minutes second set 7/9/90, Closone, Italy, 90 minutes

Some of these are mentioned in Campbell/Trent but not listed; others may simply be tagged with the wrong dates. Maybe some someone on the list can=

steer me right. But I think there is at least some new material in all of=


Any other unlisted recordings out there?