Unlisted Ra tapes

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Unlisted Ra tapes

By now, most of us have happily plowed through the new edition of Earthly Recordings many times. I'm interested to know if anyone knows of recordings not listed in the new edition. I am aware of the following:

7/80 Montreux 90 minutes 5/2/81 New Orleans jazz and Heritage Festival, 45 mins 5/3/81 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, 45 mins 12/17/81 Balloon Theater, Cairo, 90 mins 6/23/82 Manneheim, Germany 179 minutes 11/24/83, All Stars (with Ra, Shepp, Cherry, Richard Davis et al), Berlin 90 mins 7/28/84 Antwerp, 90 mins. 9/13/87, Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, 60 mins (?) 5/4/89, Southern University of New Orleans, 65 minutes Late 1980s, Fort Lauderdale, FL (time??) 5/5/90, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA 63 minutes first set, 55 minutes second set 7/9/90, Closone, Italy, 90 minutes

Some of these are mentioned in Campbell/Trent but not listed; others may simply be tagged with the wrong dates. Maybe some someone on the list can steer me right. But I think there is at least some new material in all of this.

Any other unlisted recordings out there?