William Parker confusion

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#1 Wed, 1997-12-17 16:19
Marc Minsker
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William Parker confusion

Apologies if this is slightly off-topic. I was wondering if anyone had heard the new William Parker - led double CD "Sunrise in the Tone World." I had read something fairly vague about it being large-band material with lots of obvious Arkestra comparisons. Was just wondering. I've been impressed by what I've heard of Parker so far.

----------just happen to have my copy here, after using two cuts off it for my show this week. Quite hectic in many spots, a huge band with top-knotch credentials. I don't hear quite as much Arkestra influence, but it's closer to, perhaps, some of the London jazz Composers Orchestra material but more dense. Hard to describe, really. It's on Aum Fidelity. If you're looking to hear much of Parker's playing, this isn't for you. It's his Little Huey Orchestra which shines.

What?!?! I am really confused here. I got a copy of Little Huey Creative Orchestra last year (it's been out for some time).

At the end of the summer, Steve Joerg's label (AUM) released SUNRISE IN THE TONE WORLD--which, if I am not mistakened, is a compilation of two recordings: 1) Little Huey Creative Orchestra, and 2) Another William Parker project. From the email above, it seems that "SUNRISE..." does not contain the Little Huey Creative Orchestra recordings. What gives?