$600 Sun Ra records in Italy

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#1 Sun, 1997-11-30 11:30
Carol Auld
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$600 Sun Ra records in Italy

I just wanted to comment on the story about the $600 albums being sold in Italy.

In conversation with Jothan Callins, the musical director and one of the horn players in the Sun Ra Arkestra, this is the type of thing that keeps the musicians poor and makes the record companies rich.

Do you think that any of the band members would ever see any royalties from this type of sale/re-sale? Do people realize that Sun Ra died penniless, on welfare?

It's this kind of situation and treatment of artists that causes them to not receive their just payment for their original work. It's also the kind of thing where there are so many people looking to exploit the talents of artists, but not ensure that the artists themselves receive what is justly due them in terms of financial compensation.

We can all do our part by ensuring that when we have the opportunity to raise the issue with those who are part of such business dealings.