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                         SUN RA (1914-1993)

Organ, Piano, Synthesizer

To join SATURN, the Sun Ra mailing list, send email to: listserv@nic.surfnet.nl with a message body: subscribe saturn [your name].

More detailed information for this page or a pointer to a more thorough Sun Ra home-page are invited.

Note on Sun Ra's Arrival on This Planet

----Message from Allan Chase, Music Dept., Tufts University, Medford MA 02155

Sun Ra's "arrival" date (the term he preferred to birth--see his poems) is uncertain, despite Gary Carr's research. It may be May 22, 1914, as Carr says, but other biographical information suggests May 22, 1916 or 1917. He "departed" in 1993 (May 30), not 1994 as your home page says. John Szwed at Yale Folklore Dept. or Robert C. Campbell in South Carolina may have more details by now; both are doing further research. I wrote an M.A. ethnomusicology thesis on Sun Ra 1990-92. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for including Sun Ra. I have lots more information and hope to get on line this summer to contribute more.

All the best, Allan Chase

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