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Kevin Loy
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Well, as talentless as Yochannan probably was (or so said John Gilmore, = and who am I to refute Gilmore?), I must admit to finding his Saturn = sides interesting, particularly The Sun One (though I must admit that = the longer version is better than the shorter one) and Message To = Earthman (his "emulation" of echo is hilarious), though they certainly = don't rank with Sun Ra's finest work. Though I doubt it from the = evidence that exists, does anybody know if Yochannan ever recorded = anything else? Also, does anybody know if there is more information on = Yochannan other than the blurb or two printed in Space Is The Place and = a few other tidbits?

And, on a related note, has anybody out there heard the sides that Walt = Dunn cut for Saturn?

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