-singles- tops village voice poll

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#1 Fri, 1997-02-21 07:52
Pat Padua
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-singles- tops village voice poll

-The Singles- won the reissue category in the Village Voice's annual critics' poll.

In his year-in-review essay, Robert Christgau notes:

                                   And with the

inability of the biz to repackage its history in perpetuity causing as much financial distress as Pearl Jam's refusal to make videos, at least the uncanonical surprise winner of our reissues ballot is a galactic titan. Thank the heavens for Sun Ra-he could have been Esquivel.

Which I think means that Xgau is grateful that Sun Ra is this yr's reissue darling of the indie set, from which most of the critics surveyed "belong."

Is the Singles set selling any better or worse than other Evidence reissues? I think it's the only Evidence reissue I've seen offered at "new-release" prices. Too bad the other Evidence discs weren't as high-profile.