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Out of Sight is stamped February 11, 1958. The sheet music (2p.) says Music by Conrad S. Wilson and Le Sun Ra. The copyright card mentioned words by Conrad S. Wilson, but I don't see any. I don't think this one was ever recorded, and it doesn't look like much of a loss, at least from what I can tell be the single line of melody which is almost entirely pentatonic but at least has some odd metric placement. Who knows how it might have sounded when played? Much more interesting is Hours After (2p.), stamped October 8, 1958. Music by Everett J. Turner Jr., Words by Le Sun Ra. That's right. Words. Usually, Sun Ra is co-credited for the music, but this seems not to be the case. On the second page is the brass arrangement for the middle part and on this page is typed "Arrangement by Everett J. Turner and Le Sun Ra". But on to the lyrics, which fit right into the main melody, and are a scream to boot:

      There's a tune in my mind very simple
      It's strictly in the groove like a dimple
      You'll never succeed in resisting
      The magic of it is insisting
      That you lend it an ear and accept it
      So come on
      Get with this rhythmic sound
      It's a tune really gone.

      Hours after you hear it you'll hum it
      If you play a guitar you will strum it
      The rhythm will please and delight you
      It's sure to invite and entice you
      Leading you to the world of the future
      So come on
      Get with this rhythmic sound
      It's a tune really gone.

         Hot damm| I  woke  up  with  the  tune  and these lyrics going
      through my head and  I  just about went nuts. But seriously, were
      these  ever recorded?  They  sound  like  they  were  written  as
      propeganda for "the kids" for the single, but they never ended up
      on the single or on the version from Jazz in Silhoutte.
         Next, the 60's.
           James W.