2nd research adress

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#1 Sat, 1997-02-15 15:43
Armin Buettner
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2nd research adress

Hi Saturnians

I just watched the "A night in East-Berlin" Video and afterwards delved deep into the mysteries of all the different editions of the record from the concert. I own the Leo CD and LP-releases and a Saturn Cassette. The Cassette seems to be a reissue, as the titiles are given names (Campbell says the original cassette-issue didn't) The cassette is copyrighted by Le Sun Ra 1986.

There is the following adress given:

EL SATURN RESEARCH P.O. BOX 48121 VERNON PARK ST. Philadelphia, PA 19144

Do any of you know, who this adress belonged to?

I thought the usual adress for El Saturn Research is the one on thousands of records (Don't have it handy) owned by Alton Abraham who

never answered anyway. So: who was this?

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Anonymous: "Flippan"

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