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Re: Heliocentric 2

From: Sun Ra and his Arkestra on behalf of Chris Trent Sent: Thursday, February 06, 1997 5:24 PM To: SATURN@NIC.SURFNET.NL Subject: Re: Heliocentric 2

Thanks to everybody for the responses so far on this - I'll prepare a summary and post it very shortly (and say why I think it's relevant!)

Meanwhile, here are two follow on questions. For trying to nail down which of the "Heliocentric Worlds volume 2" variants appeared when, it would be really helpful to know:

  • does anybody have any copy with an ESP address of 180 Riverside Drive on the label?

  • what ESP addresses are found on labels on the copies like those described here by James Wolf and Jack Lefton? (matrix markings "ESP 1017A-1", "ORT-2", "DBH" on side A)

To be continued,

Chris Trent

My copy has the156 Fifth Avenue address. By the way, it's mono, and has no voices.

                         Jack Lefton (a tuvan warrior)