12th international sun ra convention 2005, call for participation

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12th international sun ra convention 2005, call for participation

Hello SATURNites,

Again as in previous years the annual International Sun Ra Convention will take place also this year, this time quasi-parallel to another event: the Uncool Festival in Switzerland (Europe). I have been authorized by the organizers of the Sun Ra Convention, that is Sigi and Hartmut Geerken, to pass on the following announcement, with the invitation to all interestees to join!!

Enjoy! AJK

Here is the announcement / call for participation:

Dear friends,

the 12th international sun ra convention 2005 will take place simultaneously with the UNCOOL festival in poschiavo/switzerland from may 5 to may 8. The ARKESTRA will perform at least twice!

Sigi & i will stay in Le Prese, where the festival tent is. We already booked our room at Pensione Solaria from may 4 - 9. Their web site: www.pensionesolaria.ch resp. their email address info@pensionesolaria.ch, phone: +41-81-8440664, fax: +41-81-8443141. They still have rooms for may (double @ CHF 55) & there is a nice garden close to a lake where we can meet for our declamations, conventionalizations, speeches, declarations, manifestations, vocalizations, performances, elocutions, recitations, lectures, reports, recitals, group singing & humming!

Other hotels & guest houses may be selected via the Poschiavo web site http;//www.valposchiavo.ch (Email: info@valposchiavo.ch).

And, the program & info for the UNCOOL festival is available at http://www.uncool.ch (their phone number is: +41-81-8440571)

The program for the International Sun Ra Convention 2005 will be communicated later, but please be advised already now: it will be exclusive as always!!

intergalaxtic greetings, hartmut & sigi geerken waitawhile, Germany (where also the world biggest sun ra archive is)

PS: The very last line (...) was deliberately added my me, - AJK