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alan silva


thanks for posting this. here is a fuller blurb on the silva cd. --michael at eremite

ALAN SILVA & WILLIAM PARKER A HERO'S WELCOME eremite mte-017 Alan Silva's playing & live composition have been a highlight of the avant garde's living history for the past 35+ years. From his work with Sun Ra's Arkestra, through extended relationships with Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, & Albert Ayler, on into the Celestial Communications Orchestra & the Frank Wright Center of the World Band, Silva has been one of the music's most consistently valuable thinkers. A child of Alan Silva's other-worldly strategies for double bass, William Parker is the premier bassist of the post-Vietnam era. A HERO'S WELCOME is a spontaneous composition dedicated to the spiritual essence of Sun Ra & to all the great string players of the 20th Century. It was recorded at the first duo performance Silva & Parker undertook, & is the first installment of the Eremite Silva & Parker ongoing strings duo project, which among other things will entail at least one duo (or extended duo) recording by Silva & Parker for Eremite per year from now until the big O. Two full orchestras couldn't mix it up more completely.


In case there are any list members who don't know about this store yet...

Other Music in New York now has a weekly e-mail bulletin. Their update features only a few of their favorite new releases (with a link to their web page for the rest), but this week it features the following:

Alan Silva/William Parker "A Hero's Welcome" (Eremite) Those who couldn't attend their captivating performance here at Other Music earlier this month can take home this new duo recording from two of free jazz's greatest living musicians. Comprised of Silva on electronic keyboards and Parker on double bass, "A Hero's Welcome" is a spontaneous composition dedicated to the essence of Sun Ra (who Silva perfomed with as a member of the Arkestra). This is a dense and orchestrated piece that is beautiful at times and menacing at others.