$4.95 CDs

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#1 Fri, 1999-06-04 17:44
Justin James Kau
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$4.95 CDs


I too saw those messages about this sale at the myshopnow place and took advantage of the possibility. However, having not received any shipping confirmation/order # (which are supposed to be ina second email sent to the buyer), I've called up their roll free # the last few days. Despite what Rick says, they haven't exactly been the brightest people. One woman said that my order wasn't found on my their computer system so the order , though it was confirmed by them, must've magically disappared. Which is of course rather convenient for them. maybe this won't happen to others... and yes, they probably will say the same old stuff about a CD being 'backordered' (which wouldn't make sense if they did since they don't have anything there that's out of print).

I'm not sure what is meant by saying that Zappa is the sun ra of rock. I agree that these kinda conversations just cause a lot of division and the wrong kinda comparisons between artists. Captain Beefheart isn't just more fitting for this list, but or any music discussion thing in general. 'Lick My Decals Off, Baby' should be in high school libraries (instead of being out of print).