Visions Festival

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#1 Thu, 1999-06-03 13:13
Ahmed Abdullah
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Visions Festival

The events I heard at the Visions Festival were really impressive. They included: Alan Silva conducting the Vision Festival Orchestra in a really amazing display of conduction while playing synthesizer between two television screens.

The Arkestra playing under Marshall Allen's leadership ( the first time I had heard them in two years), sounded really together and they got house while celebrating Sun Ra's arrival day.

It was good that David "Fathead" Newman was included with his band that included Bryan Carrot on Vibes, Mellisa Slocum on bass, as well as Winard Harper on drums. A group like this offers a balance to a festival that truly allows it to be called a Vision's Festival and separates it from all others.

WilberForce led by bassist Wilber Morris is truly a force to be reckoned with. Wilber like many other musicians who respect greatness paid homage to the Duke. Leena Conquest did a personalized and spirited rendition of "A" Train. She's quite a dancer too!

Matthew Shipp and William Parker performed a mesmerizing duet.

The trio of Patricia Nicholson, William Parker and Joseph Jarman took me to some different places that I thorougly enjoyed.

Billy Bang and Frank Lowe along with Ed Schuller and Abbey Rader came out to a very receptive audience and took off from the jump. An incredible set!!!

The room was packed for the spectacular finale, a drum choir led by the amazing Billy Higgins to honor Denis Charles. Billy conducted Rashied Ali, Sunny Murray, Andrew Cyrille, Warren Smith, and Jimmy Hopps in a great presentation of one of the things that musicians have always done best.

I could only attend the Festival on the first two days and the last two but the warmth and positiveness of the event was certainly in evidence on those four days. All who were involved in organizing an event that had at least 55 acts over the course of 10 days deserve lots of credit.

Ahmed Abdullah