6th Query: On Saturday I go out to play

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#1 Sat, 2001-09-29 06:07
Leonard J Bukowski
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6th Query: On Saturday I go out to play

Well, It's Saturday and only one more day to ask these queries (a resounding cheer comes form the masses). Friday's was difficult. Thanks James for your response. Let's see how the response is for Saturday's. It's easier. In keeping with the subject heading(Friday's and Saturday's loosely adapted from lyrics to Stormy Monday), here it is:

Would anyone care to name their favorite venue where they either saw Mr. Sun Ra and the Arkestra or wish they wold have been at. No need to try to remember the show itself, unless you want to, just the venue.

Mine is Well's Famous Home of Chicken and Waffles 7th ave at 132nd st in NYC.

I wish i would have gone to see them at Slugs.

Be at peace,