what about john carter anyway?

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Margaret Grimes
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what about john carter anyway?

Dear Saturnites & John Carterites,

From the Web site www.allmusic.com ~ where you can type a musician's name into the "search" box, click on "go," & read about your favorites with varying degrees of accuracy & thoroughness, but all in all quite a good resource ~ here is a John Carter discography:

1969 Seeking hatART 1969 Flight for Four Flying 1969 Self-Determination Music Flying 1969 West Coast Hot Jive/Novus 1972 Secrets Revelation 1979 Variations on Selected Themes for Jazz Quintt Moers 1979 Suite of Early American Folk Pieces for Solo... Moers 1980 Night Fire with the John Carter Quintet Black Saint 1982 Dauwhe Black Saint 1982 Tandem 1 [live] Emanem 1985 Castles of Ghana Gramavision 1986 Dance of the Love Ghosts Gramavision 1988 Fields Gramavision 1989 Shadows on a Wall Gramavision 1996 Tandem 2 [live] Emanem 1997 Spirit Flying Free A New Day 2000 USA Concerts West [live] Robi 2000 Messages to Venus Orchard

Also appears on

Tim Berne Empire Box (1998) Clarinet [???] Clarinet Summit You Better Fly Away (1980) Clarinet Clarinet Summit In Concert at the Public Theater (1983) Clarinet Clarinet Summit Clarinet Summit, Vol. 1 (1984) Clarinet (Alto), Liner Notes Clarinet Summit Southern Bells (1987) Clarinet Vinny Golia Spirits in Fellowship (1977) Clarinet Richard Grossman In the Air (1989) Clarinet James Newton Mystery School (1979) Clarinet Various Artists West Coast Hot (1969) Clarinet, Trumpet, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor) Various Artists Gramavision 10th Anniversary... (1990) Clarinet Various Artists Alternate Currents (1996) Clarinet, Vocals

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Now, one very good thing to do if you're upset about the fact that so many great recordings are out of print is contact the record companies that originally released them & beg, plead, DEMAND their reissue. If those record co's still exist & they get enough letters, calls, & Emails, they WILL get up off their masters, pull out the feather dusters, & do at least some of the right thing, maybe not for the right reasons, but because they can see a real potential for sales. Most of the labels have Web sites, so when you have a chance, use those search engines for the cause. & doing this will also help living musicians who will have at least a chance of collecting some royalties on the new sales. Justice deferred (or a percentage thereof) need not be justice denied... pace Langston Hughes.

In love, music, & haste, Margaret Davis http://www.jazznewyork.org .

(Oh, P.S., there's a John Carter bio at www.allmusic.com too.)

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John Carter is one of favorites too. I