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Wichi Tai To

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I've heard that "Wichi Tai To" was an old peyote chant. Some of Jim Pepper's last work was done with Mal Waldron for the Tutu label. All of these CDs are excellent, but I don't think "Wichi Tai To" is on any of them. I can't help you much with Jim Pepper's early recordings, but I believe he recorded the piece on an album he did for Vortex (short-lived subsidiary of Atlantic). None of the Vortex items have made it onto CD, though. I'm sure others on the net can correct me here.

You might be interested in an old ECM LP (early 70s) titled "Wichi Tai To" by Jan Garbarek. This is Garbarek in his Pharoah Sanders mode--not as abstruse as some of the things he's done since. His version of the piece is excellent.