... what about john carter anyway?

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Margaret Grimes
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... what about john carter anyway?

Stephen Hastings-King wrote:

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... it seems to me that the collaboration between john carter and bobby bradford--particularly the suite that began with "dauwhe" and ended with carter's death--is among the most interesting and powerful music i have heard in a long long time--the ensembles are all amazing, the writing and improvisation work occur at a veryhigh level-- ... [etc.]

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What a magnificent collaboration...

If you don't have this film already, you can go to the site http://www.cinemaweb.com/rhapsody/jazz.html & discover "The New Music: John Carter & Bobby Bradford." I watched it at a friend's house about 5 years ago, & it's deep & moving & absolutely riveting to watch & hear the two working on music together.

When we were writing back & forth about "Sun Ra: Space is the Place" around 1O days ago, producer Jim Newman indicated a lack of fair treatment, I suppose you could say, by Rhapsody with regard to his film, so you might want to review his comments before deciding to order from Rhapsody, but I don't know of any other source for the film "The New Music." You could try some of the others listed on my Web site in the first ("special announcements") section in the part about Marsalis~free music documentaries.

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