What about john carter anyway?

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Ken Waxman
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What about john carter anyway?


Think it's the usual case of record company "evil". Until just recently all of Carter's Grammavision CDs were out of print, as were the Horace Tapscott CDs on which he was featured.

hat has just reissued the Tapscotts -- at its usual overinflated price. To tell you the truth I actualy prefer the playing of Bradford and Carter there than on Carter's discs, which seem a little too much program music. But then again I heard the hat first.

Another great (still in print?)- I have it on casette(!) disc was an RCA - via Flying Dutchman pairing a Tapscott session (with Arthur Blythe) and a Bradford and Carter (on alto sax) disc.

Obviously if that stuff is still out of print, Carter is devalued. It should be reissued.

And how is his solo CD of American vernacular dances or some such?

Ken Waxman

--- stephen hastings-king brainstone@yifan.net wrote:

this is an interesting thread...

i really like many ra tunes,but the one that can be found most often drifting around in my brain is "ankh" from "bad and beautiful." i really love the chart.

this tune will jostle about with other things--at the moment a curious mixture of pete yorn songs, roni size and method man, and snatches of john carter pieces.

but it seems to me that the collaboration between john carte and bobby bradford--particularly the suite that began with "dauwhe" and ended with carter's death--is among the most interesting and powerful music i have heard in a long long time--the ensembles are all amazing, the writing and improvisation work occur at a veryhigh level--yet since carter died, his work seems to have fallen into some kind of void. any sentiment on this matter from the list? (either carter/bradford as such or on the void into which they have fallen and reasons for it)

hope you folks are all well. stephen


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