white devils etc

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white devils etc

whatever he might have felt in the way of resentment

clearly was ditched before going up on the stage.

Or the recording studio?...

alright, a little anti-lurk action is in order.

any comments out there in spaceland regarding Ra's involvement/endorsement in the Baraka rendering of "Black Mass"? Vitriolic no doubt.

Also, there is the extremely heavy section at the very end, faded out in fact in mid-recitation/call&response proclamation, of [[forgive me for not having exact title but my stuff's in storage]] [[sidelong B-side of "What's New" Saturn LP recorded/released 1975]]... you know, the amazing exhortations about "I use planets for stepping stones" ("stepping stones, stepping stones, stepping stones!")... Maybe I recall this is called "I Walk Among the Stars."

Anyway, the fadeout reveals something interesting, evocative of the content and flavor of "Black Mass"-- something about "White Angels, we know who you are!" spat out with such visciousness that one wonders what's really going on here...?

Can anyone offer insight into this wrinkle in Ra's "a-raciality"...?

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