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[Fwd: Charlie Rose Show, PB]

I post the following at the request of my dear friend and long-time Sun Ra devotee Trudy Morse. I've actually paid a bit more attention to the dialogue surrounding the Burns series than the series itself. I will say that the exclusion of Sun Ra and many other dynamic post-Coltrane forces in this music is regretable and predictable. Sun Ra's life in particular raises so many significant bridges over the terrain of this music as it has unfolded in the last century. His story reflects the challenge of an underground music ascending through excellence and adaptation to both find its audience and make its point. Jazz has always, even (and especially) at its zenith, derived its strength, allure, and authority from its existence as an underground music -- the product of outsiders, negroes and their immigrant friends. The story of jazz's expeditionary column from the 60s forward is a rich epic of a music of resistance. Focusing only on that body of the music that has been thoroughly masticated, digested, and assimilated into the mainstream deprives the viewers of an essential look into the core processes that keep this music a living (i.e., continually growing and evolving) artform.

God Bless the Music, THOMAS

No doubt, you have heard of the new Ken Burns documentary on Jazz, 10 session, on PBS.

Wynton Marsalis has appeared on the Charlie Rose Show, and I have just written Charlie Rose to ask him to invite Cecil Taylor on his show, following his appearance at the end of the Ken Burns documentary.

You may have noticed the critics have in the NY Times, also the Washington Post, criticized the small amount of time given to Cecil Taylor. I am so thrilled that at least he is there with the great masters, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington.

However, the main criticism is that so many hours are spent on the very early history of jazz, with a few hours to the many years that jazz has been developing since Cecil Taylor starting stretching the boundaries.

I am writing to ask to please send a message to Charlie Rose about Cecil Taylor appearing on his show. I think that your messages added to mine might just bring about the event.

Cordially, Trudy Morse

Charlie Rose Show charlierose@PBS.org Gary Giddens weatherbird@mindspring.com

please be so kind to send copy to any jazz lists where people might want to send messages. I am not a member of the saturn list, but whoever is a member, please send copy, since there may be a lot of Cecil Taylor fans on the list.

many thanks to all of you, and my very best regards. mTg

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