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[Fwd: New Orleans apartment sublet]

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I thought list members might be able to take advantage of this ....this

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I need to be in California from about March to September of this year, and am looking for help with the following:

My friend George Rossi (of Little Georgie and the Shuffling Hungarians) has been offerred a job playing piano for the Wild Magnolias, and would like to move down to New Orleans on a 6-month contract. He'd like to stay in my apartment, but doesn't want to foot the whole bill himself, so we're looking for someone who might want to share it with him. Apartment particulars below, but first the financials:

Total cost per person, including phone, utilities, cable and everything would be about $600 per month. We're wondering whether you or someone you know might be planning to make a couple of trips to New Orleans during that time, and if so, two people sharing the sublet for $1,800 each for six months (remember, that includes Jazz Fest and French Quarter festival in April and May!) would consitute a considerable savings over 18-20 nights spent in hotels.

We're really only interested in someone we know, or someone who's referred and vouched for by someone we know.

The apartment: private bedroom and bath, shared kitchen and living room. It comprises the second and third floors of the rear of an 1850's mansion on Esplanade Avenue at Royal Street, in the French Quarter. Second-floor balcony overlooks courtyard with swimming pool and jacuzzi. Central air, dishwasher, laundry facilities. Entrance is through the courtyard and up a private staircase. There's only one other apartment in the wing, and it's on the ground floor and time-shared by two occasional visitors.

Location is walking distance to everything in the French Quarter and downtown. Only drawback is no off-street parking.

George has been staying with me for three months now and he's a great housemate -- clean, considerate, not a big partyer -- doesn't even hog the TV remote much (for a guy) -- not to mention a great piano player.

If you or someone you know might be interested, just write me direct to discuss it.