Von Freeman, Sunny and a deus ex machina

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#1 Wed, 1997-04-16 13:43
John Chacona
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Von Freeman, Sunny and a deus ex machina

Grabbed from the chi-improv list today:

From: nweir-w@nwu.edu (Nick Weir-Williams) Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:25:20 -0500 Subject: [chi-improv] Von Freeman and Studs Terkel

I was lucky enough to go to the conversation between these two fine Chicagoans on Monday, at the Steppenwolf as part of Kahil's Traffic series. The conversation will be broadcast on WBEZ, end of May I think...

but of interest to ch-improvvers might be a story in response to an audience question about Von's playing with Sun Ra ... and how in the early 50's they were playing for money 8 hours straight at a 'gentleman's club' in Calumet City, how Sun Ra refused one night to play the lead stripper's theme music four straight times despite the increasingly close attendance of the club's heavies, and how just when Von thought they weren't going to get out in one piece, as 4 am closing time approached, Sun Ra smiled and smoke started to pour out of the club and everyone fled - save the band, who as the fire engines approached were led safely out through the smoke by Sun Ra himself, brandishing his cape - Sun Ra I think thought of himself as the Son of Fire, is that right? Anyhow, a great story even if a little exaggerated!

And the whole conversation well worth listening to, an anecdotal history of Chicago Jazz and blues in effect..

Nick W-W

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