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#1 Fri, 1995-06-23 07:39
Seth Tisue
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"kevin": Re: Sun Ra films

Hello, I am forwarding a request for distribution information on the various Sun Ra films (Space is the Place, et al). Please do not reply to me, but directly to KSL@ais.aisinc.com. Thank you.

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From: "kevin" KSL@ais.aisinc.com To: Seth Tisue s-tisue@anl.gov Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 08:41:32 EST Subject: Re: Sun Ra films

kevin> don't suppose you'd be able to help me to get a lead on the kevin> distributor (film or video) for any of these, but especially kevin> Space is the Place. i'm in a film society who specializes in kevin> showing totally obscure things like these.

I could either 1) forward your query to Saturn, the Sun Ra mailing list, or 2) give the information so you can join Saturn yourself.

== Seth Tisue s-tisue@anl.gov

if you could forward it, i'd be very grateful. just dont forget to leave a 'reply to' address for me...don't want you to get a bunch of mail you don't need.

thank you so much, seth. wish me luck!


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