"Joyful noise" video/DVD

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#1 Fri, 1999-07-16 06:56
Sam Byrd
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"Joyful noise" video/DVD


When I was in Chicago recently, at the Tower there they had a just-released new video release of "Joyful noise" that was connected to the new DVD release (I think the cover said something like "new mix from the DVD mix")(yes I know these aren't video terms but you get the idea, hopefully). I don't own the older version of this video. I passed it up in Chicago (well, you can't buy it all!).

Looking in tower.com and amazon.com now, I see no mention of this newer video release for sale. They both have the DVD for sale as well as the older video version.

So now my questions are:

  1. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Was I dreaming?

  2. Does anyone know where I could order the newer video version?

  3. Does the DVD version contain any additional material? Does it have better picture and/or sound quality? And thus would the newer video release also have additional material or better sound?

Thanks for any information..

Saturnally, Sam