10/31/01 Knitting Factory

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Christopher B Eddy
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10/31/01 Knitting Factory

Here's what I have, perhaps someone else can chime in with corrections, as I'm not familiar with many of Marshall's new compositions. Marshall's "A Tribute To The World Trade Center" was absolutely gorgeous and The Halloween In Harlem was 20 min. long!!! Let's hope that the band can get in the studio IMMEDIATELY to record all of the beautiful music Marshall's writing...

Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen 10/31/01 (8 pm show) The Main Room @ Knitting Factory; New York, NY.

Sun Ra Sent His Band From Outer Space A Tribute To The World Trade Center (Allen) Space Is The Place Discipline 27-II Better Music Will Create A Better World (#39 in the book) The Sun Was Dancing (?) (AJ vox) Rain Clouds Chase Sunshine Away (?) (AJ vox) Unidentified Title Unidentified Title They're Peepin' Blue Set Halloween In Harlem (with processional through crowd) Soundcheck: Unidentified Title Skippin' Stones

Sun Ra Arkestra: Marshall Allen; director, Alto sax, EVI/Ya Ya; Tenor sax/Noel Scott; Alto sax/Fred Adams; Trumpet/Tyrone Hill; Trombone/ Dave Davis; Trombone/Charlie Elerby; Electric Guitar/Nina Ninnett; Harp/Art Jenkins; Vocals, Ashiko/Craig Haynes; Djembe/Elson Nascimento; Surdo, percusion/Jon Ore; Bass/Junny Booth; Bass/Luqman Ali; Drums


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