Re: more poetry transcriptions + The Ridiculous "I" and the

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Re: more poetry transcriptions + The Ridiculous "I" and the

Thanks again Stephen,

Pointed it out for those who may not be aware of its existence...

That's what I assumed and why I am so glad you mentioned the book. It's a treasure that should be enjoyed by all. Though I've only been a Saturn member for a short time, I don't believe anyone has mentioned it - much less given details (as you did) that will help the uninitiated find a copy.

Was not trying to discourage the posting of individual poems just help those who may want to read them as a collected work... James and Hartmut did an excellent job.

I certainly didn't think you were discouraging in any way and I agree that they did a most excellent job.

We're very lucky to have this forum and I appreciate the opportunity to share and discuss such things. I hope that the fantastic work that Steven Scotten is doing on the 'new' Saturn list will be a nice surprise for everyone and generate even more activity here.

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