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Ken Waxman
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Wilmer book

I have the original paperback edition, but I've recently seen a paperback reprint with a new cover picture, a higher cover price, but no additional information.

I'm not sure, but da Capo press may be the publisher. It certainly does a lot of these "replica reissue" jazz books.

It's probably quite easy to get a copy. (And quite worthwhile too, since despite the book's age, no one has yet superseded Wilmer's work.)

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On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, george mangels wrote:

"As Serious As Your Life", by Valerie Wilmer (Laurence Hill & Co.), 1977

...a stone-cold classic, with chapters on Sun Ra, Ayler, Ornette, Coltrane, AACM, Cecil taylor, and much more...highly recommended but difficult to find (I think out-of-print copies go for about $30)