"Black Myth/Out In Space"?

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Alan Lankin
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"Black Myth/Out In Space"?

I noticed the recording "Black Myth/Out In Space" is supposed to be available 12/8. It's a 2-CD set on Polygram recorded live in 1970. Is this MPS's "It's After The End of the World" with a different title? Here's some info from the CDNow site...

Disc 1 01. Black Forest Myth 02. Friendly Galaxy No. 2 03. Journey Through The Outer Darkness 04. Strange Worlds {a} 05. Black Myth {a} 06. It's After The End Of The World {a} 07. We'll Wait For You Disc 2 01. Out In Space 02. Discipline Series 03. Walkin' On The Moon 04. Outer Space Where I Came From - (recitation) 05. Watusa 06. Myth Versus Reality 07. Theme Of The Stargazers 08. Second Stop Is Jupiter {b} 09. Why Go To The Moon {b} 10. Neptune {b} 11. Mercury {b} 12. Venus {b} 13. Mars {b} 14. Jupiter {b} 15. Saturn {b} 16. Uranus {b} 17. Pluto {b} 18. We Travel The Spaceways

Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra.

Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra includes: Sun Ra (spoken vocals, piano, clavinet, Farfisa organ, Mini-Moog synthesizer); June Tyson (vocals); John Gilmore (vocals, tenor saxophone, percussion); Marshall Allen (flute, piccolo, oboe, alto saxophone, percussion); Pat Patrick (flute, clarinet, alto, tenor & baritone saxophones, percussion); Danny Davis (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone); Alan Silva (violin, viola, cello, bass); Alex Blake (bass).

(The info is at http://www.cdnow.com/switch/from=sr-821868/target=buyweb_purchase/ddcn=SD-4228+557656+2)


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