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Robert Campbell
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A Ra fan named Malcolm Trent told me a story I hadn't heard before.

It seems that on October 31, 1975, the Arkestra was hired to play a Halloween costume party sponsored by WHK-FM. Murray the K was the MC. The opening band had been described as an outfit that was going to play Bad Company tunes. Actually, it was Devo. The ensuing absurdities and near-mayhem are described in the notes to Mongoloid Years, a Devo CD on Rykodisk. Suffice it to say that Devo emptied the auditorium and by the time the Arkestra launched into "Greetings from the 21st Century" no one was left but the members of Devo and a few of their friends.

Where is WHK-FM? Cleveland? Akron, Ohio? Where might they have held this disastrous bash? Pardon my regional ignorance.

Malcolm says that he ran into a guy once who said he had a tape of this Ra concert--but refused to copy it. I'll have to put that in the rumor category, but we can always hope.