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#1 Thu, 2000-05-11 14:57
Ben Opie
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volume & contributions


If there's anything this list never lacks is enthusiasm. There is a lot of mail being generated by this though. Whoever is at the center should receive details from individuals perhaps...though it means that person will get much mail in the next few weeks.

It almost might be easier at this point to countthe albums that have been claimed, list the albums that haven't, and let everyone stake their claims from there.

Are there any particular guidleines for writing? I certainly can't imagine personnel listings any more complete or accurate than rlc's writings, that seems unnecessary.

There are, even if they are interesting in context, lesser Ra recordings...or at least those which don't seem to distiguish themselves. Is there going to be an attempt to have something written about every album?

And if I stake a claim on anything, it's "The Soul Vibrations of Man."