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Re: more poetry transcriptions + The Ridiculous "I" and the

Thank you Stephen,

The Immeasurable Equation is one of my favorite books of all time (Many Man= y thanks, Mr Wolf!). I'm glad you pointed it out. I've tried not to duplicate what is already printed there but sometimes I just get carried away... and listen/type before I reference.

Pointed it out for those who may not be aware of its existence...

I also enjoy seeing the poems pop up here on Saturn. There are so many and it's always a nice surprise when someone picks one to share and the day becomes brighter because of it.

Agree completely!

Was not trying to discourage the posting of=20 individual poems just help those who may want to=20 read them as a collected work... James and=20 Hartmut did an excellent job.



On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 2:07 PM, Stephen Ramirez <> wrote:

Thanks for taking the time to transcribe and post.

Transcriptions of Sun Ra's declamations like this one are not included i= n the Wolf/Geerken book (there are two versions of the poem "The Ridiculou= s I"). With the sheer volume of recorded Sun Ra music available it would= be an amazingly long and tedious task for anyone to attempt to transcribe and compile all of the declamations and lyric variations....


These are great. I enjoyed the scans at the blog, too. There are a

couple of LP covers there that I hadn't seen before.

Thanks, ihor!

Here's one that I transcribed a bit ago but hadn't shared yet:

The Ridiculous "I" and the Cosmos Me (from The Antique Blacks)

A touch of the ridiculous I A touch of the ridiculous I cry cry cry A touch of the ridiculous I Here Here Here While on earth Here see and feel and know the ridiculous I and the cosmos me

would I for this wondrous thing a new decree of happiness better than any liberty this world has ever known a cosmic wave that opens the way to the world that's ours the cosmos world of endless galaxies

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 10:59 AM, ihor sunra wrote:

i found these transcriptions over on the

site, and thought they might be okay here...

I-) ihor

Sun Ra - The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume 2


There is a land Whose being is almost unimaginable to the Human mind. On a clear day, We stand there and look farther than the ordinary eye can see. Far above the roof of the world, We can encompass vistas of the worlds.

There is a land Where the sun shines eternally Eternally eternal: Out in outer space A living blazing fire, So vital and alive There is no need to describe its splendor.

Sun Ra - Angels And Demons At Play

The Shadow of Tomorrow

Today is the shadow of tomorrow Today is the present future of yesterday Yesterday is the shadow of today. The darkness of the past is yesterday And the light of the past is yesterday. The days of yesterday are all numbered and summed in the word "once;" Because "once upon a time there was a yesterday." Yesterday belongs to the dead, Because the dead belongs to the past. The past is yesterday. Today is the preview of tomorrow, but for me, only from a better and happier point of view, My point of view is the thought of a better, untried reality. Yesterday is eternity, the eternLty of yesterday is dead. Yesterday is as one, the eternity of one is the eternity of the past. The past is once upon aThme, once upon a time is past, the past is yesterday. The light of the past is the light which was, The wisdom of the past is the light of the past; The light of the future is the light which is to be, The wisdom of the fiture is the light of the future. Yesterday belongs to the dead, tomorrow belongs to the living. The past is cerlified as the finished product, anything which is ende= d is finished. That which is perfect is finished, the perfect man is no exception to the rule. The perfect man of the past is made according to the rule of the past= =2E The rule of the past is the law of injustice and hypocrisy. The revelation of the meaning of the law is revealed through the law itself. The wisdom of the past is the light of the past The light which is to be is the wisdom of the future The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow,


Sun Ra - Super-Sonic Sounds


This is the music of greater transition To the invisible irresistible space age. The music of the past will be just as tiny in the world of the future As earth itself is in the vast reach of outer space. Outer space is big and real and compelling And the music which represents it must be likewise. The music of the future is already developed

But the minds of the people of earth must be prepared to accept it.

The isolated earth age is finished And all the music which represents only the past Is for museums of the past and not for The moving panorama of the outer spacite program.


The prophets of the past belong to the past, The space prophets of the greater future Belong to the greater future. The greater future is the age of the Space Prophet, The scientific airy-minded second man: The prince of the power of the air. The air is music. The music is power. The power of the past was its music, The greater power of the future greater Greater music is art, Is its greater music: Art is the foundation of any living culture. Living culture is skilled culture Skilled dutifulness, aim and care And love of beauty is the only way to produce art. Skilled culture is the new weapon of nations, The new measure of determination as to whether a nation Is ready to be a greater nation is art. A nation without art is a nation without a lifeline. Art is the lifeline because art is the airy concept Of greater living. It is the airy foundation of the airy Kingdom of the future. Tomorrow Beyond Tomorrow is the greater kingdom, THE KINGDOM OF THE SPACE AGE=B7

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