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#1 Wed, 2010-12-01 20:17
Sakari Puhakka
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Re: Help the SATURN list into the future!

Hi Thanks for the description of the future environment. There are advantages and disadvantages of doing "all" by our selves, but I think that this list has not so many members, so this will OK. And thanks for taking care of this vital issue.

BR, Sakari

On 1.12.2010 8:11, Steven Scotten wrote:

I've got a Mailman installation; it's the mailing list software I'm most familiar with (except maybe majordomo, but majordomo hasn't been updated in forever so I don't use it anymore.) Mailman handles subscription, digest mode, vacation mode, archives and a variety of other options.

I'm also looking into integration with a Drupal-based front end, but that's an option I don't know is feasible.

For a community like this, I prefer keeping the administration and hosting in the family, so to speak. I don't have anything against Google or Yahoo Groups, but I like the autonomy of keeping it on our own server. I'm another subscriber to the list and I have the resources to host the list at no additional cost. I like the idea of the list living under the hospitality of a subscriber rather than that of a corporation.

I know that I can migrate the archives to Mailman. I don't know how to do that with Google or Yahoo. If it's the will of the list to go to a Google or Yahoo group, I'm fine with that too but I won't be of much help making it happen. This is something I can do so I'm taking the action I can until I hear someone say I shouldn't.


On Nov 30, 2010, at 9:28 PM, Sakari Puhakka wrote:

Hi To which server (environment) you are going to migrate, some of the lists are migrating to Google?

BR, Sakari

On 1.12.2010 3:59, Steven Scotten wrote:

As I've posted elsewhere on this list, I've volunteered to migrate the list to another server. I've started the work of getting the list and a basic website set up for accessing the archives.

I'm looking for a half-dozen volunteers to be testers on the list and help make sure that everything works correctly before we get the rest of the list moved over. This will be an opportunity to make sure the new list operates correctly and is friendly to the users. It will mean receiving and sending test messages and providing any feedback you have.

Anyone interested in helping out in this way, please send me mail OFF-LIST and I'll get you set up. We'll go from there.