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#1 Tue, 2010-11-30 22:11
Steven M Scotten
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Re: Help the SATURN list into the future!

I've got a Mailman installation; it's the mailing list software I'm most = familiar with (except maybe majordomo, but majordomo hasn't been updated = in forever so I don't use it anymore.) Mailman handles subscription, = digest mode, vacation mode, archives and a variety of other options.

I'm also looking into integration with a Drupal-based front end, but = that's an option I don't know is feasible.

For a community like this, I prefer keeping the administration and = hosting in the family, so to speak. I don't have anything against Google = or Yahoo Groups, but I like the autonomy of keeping it on our own = server. I'm another subscriber to the list and I have the resources to = host the list at no additional cost. I like the idea of the list living = under the hospitality of a subscriber rather than that of a corporation.

I know that I can migrate the archives to Mailman. I don't know how to = do that with Google or Yahoo. If it's the will of the list to go to a = Google or Yahoo group, I'm fine with that too but I won't be of much = help making it happen. This is something I can do so I'm taking the = action I can until I hear someone say I shouldn't.


On Nov 30, 2010, at 9:28 PM, Sakari Puhakka wrote:

Hi To which server (environment) you are going to migrate, some of the = lists are migrating to Google? =20 BR, Sakari =20 On 1.12.2010 3:59, Steven Scotten wrote:

As I've posted elsewhere on this list, I've volunteered to migrate = the list to another server. I've started the work of getting the list = and a basic website set up for accessing the archives. =20 I'm looking for a half-dozen volunteers to be testers on the list and = help make sure that everything works correctly before we get the rest of = the list moved over. This will be an opportunity to make sure the new = list operates correctly and is friendly to the users. It will mean = receiving and sending test messages and providing any feedback you have. =20 Anyone interested in helping out in this way, please send me mail = OFF-LIST and I'll get you set up. We'll go from there. =20 Thanks! =20 =20 Steve