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Check out this great e-zine on New Orleans music!

Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe....JAZZ FUNK OF THE FUTURE!

Visit our website http://www.satchmo.com/CosmicRay/ for more information including the latest tour information. CD available on the EVIDENCE label!

"The music is a journey, the journey is endless..." Sun Ra

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Suffering from those post-JazzFest withdrawal symptoms? Need your New Orleans music fix? Help is on the way ...

==================================================== This month's IkoIko.com newsletter is brought to you by the indescribably delicious Creole tomatoes, crowder peas and collard greens of Southern Louisiana. (Hey, don't they deserve promotion as much as

Nike and Nissan?)

We've got a BIG treat in store for you in the latest update of IkoIko.com -- an exclusive preview of the new CD by those masters of booty-shakin, hanky-wavin', total-throwdown New Orleans brass funk, the mighty, mighty ReBirth Brass Band! You can sample audio clips and get the complete scoop on their fresh Shanachie release, "We Come to Party!" Nine high-density tracks so Southern-fried funky they'll make you slap your mama ... drop on by so you can figure out just how many copies you'll need to buy when this sizzlin' platter hits the streets on May 20th. (Or just order it on the spot -- shrimp po-boy and Dixie beer not included).

PLUS in this issue you can meet & greet two new Iko householders:

**The New Orleans Nightcrawlers Brass Band has been stirring up a huge amount of interest since forming early in '96 (winners of the "Best Contemporary Brass Band" award at the Big Easy Entertainment Awards last month) and releasing their eponymous debut CD on Rounder. You'll recognize lots of their players from their tenures in other local brass and trad jazz ensembles. If you can sample only one audio clip, take our advice and make it "Tchfunkta", the deeply grooving anthem penned by Stanton Moore of funk-band-gone-nova Galactic.

**Invisible Cowboy is an incredibly hard-working, swampy-rock ensemble of beer-deifyers from Hammond, Louisiana that plays -- well, we couldn't say it any better than they do -- "music that rolls slowly out of the swamp and emerges from a miasmic haze to knock you over and knock you out." Check out their current CD, "Unsafe Trigger...at the white trash discotheque", and (sing along with me here) sample audio clips!

And as if that weren't enough ... Our own resident scenestress, Eulalie Echo, takes you on a tour of the spots where you'll find the steamiest jazz 'n brass on a Wednesday night in New Orleans -- including the little-known but locally beloved Little Peoples Place, a tiny incubator of the traditional and contemporary sounds that have been coming out of the Treme neighborhood for over a hundred years now and show no signs of lettin' up -- that is, unless the City fathers and gentrifyin' yuppies get their way. (Repeal the Entertainment Tax!)

COMING LATER IN MAY: John Sinclair, the Professor of Rhythm & Rhyme, ponders "The Roots of Funk and Rock 'n Roll in New Orleans R&B" ... more musical biographies from Tom McDermott in "Dermottoons" ... and an exciting new musician columnist takes you behind the doors of the dressing rooms into the contemporary New Orleans jazz and funk scenes.

So call your friends, grab a beer, and come visit us at IkoIko.com ... And don't forget that we love to hear from you, too! Reply to this message or hit the "Contact Us" link on the front page.


"I'm not absolutely certain, but I think that ALL music started in New
---Ernie K-Doe

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