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Margaret Grimes
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Dear Saturnites,

It's quite possible that everyone in the U.S. knew about this except me, since I don't have a TV set, don't read the mainstream press, & am almost totally immersed in our music, but apparently Steven Spielberg will soon present a 1O~hour television series called "Taken" (Sci~Fi Channel starting 12/2). So if you happen to be in or near New York City, you can participate in a multimedia multi~ exhibit event at South Street Seaport this Saturday & Sunday at piers 16 & 17, Fulton St. at South St. on the East River. The listing I read in "Time Out New York" says: "Want to make contact with alien life forms? Step up to the microphone... and broadcast your message into outer space... this otherworldly tent features five exhibits on alien abduction, including stories from abductees [is that a word?], astronaut testimony of alien contact, alien artifacts, & a theatrical experience where you can see what it might be like to be taken by an E.T. Better take some coins so you can phone home." Saturday 1O a.m.~9 p.m., Sunday 11~8, free admission. Information numbers are (212) 732~7678 & 669~ 9424; there's a Web site, too, http://www.scifi.com/taken ; the Seaport Web site is http://www.southstreetseaport.com .

I don't know how they can have events such as this without the Arkestra... There oughtta be a law! Well, perhaps we can all go, step up to the microphone, & sing a few bars of "Space Is the Place," along the lines of Arlo Guthrie's suggestion for stopping war by jumping up on post~ office counters & bursting into a choruses of "Alice's Restaurant."

Space & peace,

Margaret Davis, Editor & Publisher, "Art Attack!," the publication for & about liberation musicians in NYC (& beyond), on the Web at http://www.jazznewyork.org.

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