"several unexpected Sun Ra albums and box sets next year"

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"several unexpected Sun Ra albums and box sets next year"

Sounds like great news, eh? I clipped the following from an email I received from Transparency a few minutes ago:

The double CD of Sun Ra 'Live in London 1970' will be in hand very soon for shipping.

'The Earliest Sun Ra' has also gone through even further seemingly endless mastering -- and a few problematic tracks with digital glitches are being replaced with cleaner versions. This has pushed the release and shipment of this double CD (with 28-page booklet) to January 2011.

In addition, please note that while 'The Earliest Sun Ra' concentrates on Mr. Blount / Mr. Ra as sideman and/or arranger, there will be another (as yet untitled) collection of 14 CDs featuring Mr. Mystery as musician/band member/band leader. These mostly unknown recordings will be segued with Sonny in his own words talking about these specific eras within his life and career.

Because of a recent mind-blowing development (relating to the above and otherwise), there will be several unexpected Sun Ra albums and box sets next year. Looking forward to keeping you posted on everything.

Thanks for your patience on 'Live in London' and 'The Earliest Sun Ra'. These will both sound infinitely better than they would have otherwise.

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