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Rodger Coleman
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Re: Fwd: Continuation?

Interesting. I had pretty much given up hope. But if extra material is forthcoming, it would assuredly be worth the wait. One of the greatest rareest Sun Ra records, for sure!

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Hi Kevin, It is a confusing scenario! Continuation was slated for release last October. When it didn't appear, I contacted Atavistic who said there was a delay and reckoned it would come out in early 2010. I contacted them again around Easter 2010 and was told that 'more new material' had been found and that consequently, a Double CD Deluxe version would be released in Fall 2010. I emailed once more a week or two ago but this time haven't heard back at all. Fingers crossed! Paul.

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Trying to re-send this, since I really am curious and the last message didn't seem to go through...

Hi everyone,

I saw online recently that Atavistic had planned to release "Continuation" on CD last year. Any idea whether it will still be coming out?

Kevin Loy