The Sun Ra Archive Waitawhile

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The Sun Ra Archive Waitawhile

Hello Saturnites,

To my big surprise I recently had to realize that the world greatest and
official Sun Ra Archive Waitawhile has been closed by end of December
2009. Yes, indeed, last year! -- It could be that this information has
been announced on the past Sun Ra Convention, this year, where I could not

The Waitawhile Sun Ra Archive has been open for 50 years, servicing for
half a century the Sun Ra community. The Archive has closed, mail will
continue to be accepted, but unfortunately no longer responded to. Also,
memorabilia will be accepted and will be added to the collection.

What are the reasons? - Well, the archivist has decided to dedicate
himself to Sun Ra's jewish (spiritually) brother and his estate, namely
Salomo Friedlaender/Mynona. This author has written works such as, 'The
heliocentric I', etc., he also is the "Father" of Fritz Perls. An edition
of 30 volumes of F/M works will gradually be published over the years,
currently 12 of them are already available.

So, let us stay connected!

Dr. K.

PS: As reminder, or as special offer, for those who are in need of Sun Ra
lyrics, in a book:

"Sun Ra, The Immeasurable Equation" (The Collected Poetry and Prose
compiled and edited by James L. Wolf and Hartmut Geerken),
WAITAWHILE/Books on Demand (2006). Hardcover. ISBN 3833426594.
Internationally available, e.g. use to find the seller
of your choice.

If you opt to get a book from WAITAWHILE directly, write to
and I am sure you will get a special deal if you tell Hartmut that you saw
it here on SATURN.