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#1 Thu, 1995-01-05 14:54
Alan Saul
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Re: Jazz Masters Award, NEA

Trudy wrote:

Sorry to tell you these are the awards: Ray Brown, Roy Haines, Horace Silver.

Sorry for Marshall and John, but I'm sure we all congratulate these three great musicians. Especially, from my personal point of view, Roy Haynes.

Looking forward to hearing more about your performances, Trudy (not to mention actually catching one some day).

Let's hope the NEA doesn't go out of business this year and presents some more awards, perhaps to John Gilmore. But mostly I hope Gilmore recovers his health and gets lots of gigs this year.

By the way, I put a little picture from an old free weekly that may still be published in Providence RI on a web page - Apologies to all if it doesn't work, but it seems to on this end. Nights and weekends are best....

Alan Saul