Wavelength Infinity--Ra tri

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Wavelength Infinity--Ra tri

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Here's the latest from Gino Robair (of Rastascan Records) on his Sun Ra tribute project. The title is "Wavelength Infinity." It will be a double CD for $15 (good deal!). Gino is still looking for subscribers to the project. If you are interested, send a check for $15 to Rastascan. (Sorry, folks, I misplaced the address. Could Dan Plonsey or someone else from our Bay Area contingent fill this in? Thanks.)

Here's the participants so far (in no particular order):

The Residents: Daydream in Space (is the Place) Water Shed: Looking Outward Eugene Chadbourne/Jimmy Carl Black: Space is the Place NRBQ: Fate in a Pleasant Mood UYA: Dancing Shadows Charlie Kohlhase Septet: Kingdom of Not Vacuum Tree Head: The Call Bugs Meanie Band: El is a Sound of Joy Dan Plonsey/Gamelan Sekar Jaya: Constellation (+ poem) Oakland Elementary School: Planet Earth Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet: Mu Travis Shook: Enlightenment Phantom Radio: The Nile Tom Djll & Gagaku Society: There are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) Eddie Gale/John Tchicai: An Island in Space [Island in the Sun] Ben Goldberg/Steve Adams: Transition Thurston Moore: poem Graham Connah Group: The Satellites are Spinning Elliott Sharp: Disco 3000 Splatter Trio: Tiny Pyramids Trudy Morse and Friends: poem "Energies" Kash Killion: Friendly Galaxy Jon Raskin Lowis Jordan: poem "Whereness" The Cocktails w/ Ken Vandermark: Lights on a Satellite


PS. Gino's email is ginorobair@aol.com