Reissues on GET BACK!

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Marc Minsker
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Reissues on GET BACK!

vinyl. Again, my source says they won't be restocked. (Too bad, the Ayler and Sun Ras are good jobs!)

I wouldn't exactly say "good jobs." I picked up copies of all of the Get Back! Ra and Ayler reissues, and was shocked to hear the CD skip (from which the vinyl record was actually pressed) on "THE WIZARD" from Ayler's "Spiritual Unity" (I know I mentioned this before). I am glad that GET BACK! reissued this classic records -- I just wish they would have pressed the records from the master or at least checked the recording for flaws before pressing hundreds of copies.

BTW, one of the best GET BACK! reissues is the DEVIANTS Underground record from 1967! Check it out if you stumble across this one. The original is long out-of-print and worth a pretty penny...


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