Yeh-Yeh, Arthur Jones

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#1 Sun, 1998-03-29 21:39
Allan S Chase
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Yeh-Yeh, Arthur Jones

Ringers, Charlie K, et al:

Is the Mongo Santamaria Live CD with Pat Patrick (which I think might include a version of "Yeh-Yeh"?) worth hearing, for Pat's playing I mean? I have hesitated to buy it, thinking he might just play a few background lines.

Does anyone know if Pat ever made a bunch of money from "Yeh-Yeh"? I think it was a big hit for Georgie Fame during the British Invasion craze. I have a video of him doing it, and it's not too bad (beats Gerry and the Pacemakers!).

By the way, on an equally tangential note, thanks to whoever notified the list about the unfortunate passing of alto saxophonist Arthur Jones. That inspired me to check out Frank Wright's "Your Prayer" for the first time, and I am really enjoying Jones's playing. If anyone has more biographical information on him, I would appreciate receiving it (off-list might be better:

Best, Allan Chase